My little boy is 15 weeks and is teething, I try use paracetamol as a last resort and normally give him 2.5mls at bed time but he always seems to be tired, during the day he's still his babbling self it just seems to be at bedtime, this is the 3rd night now where we've not managed a bath because he's been too upset, just wondering if anyone knows if this is normal, thanks ladies
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My LG’s first tooth has broken through now but I think that’s completely normal how you LO is feeling. Mine was very grizzly but we use Ashton & Parsons granule teething powder and honestly it’s amazing!! I think you can get it from any pharmacy or Amazon

We use the gel on him during the day and have teething mits because he's constantly putting his hands in his mouth and the gagging, was just worried incase I was overdosing him or something because he normally takes a 6oz bottle during the day but tonight only took 4, his bottle before that he took 6oz and that was only 2 ½ hours ago,( he normally goes 3 or 4 hours between bottles) sorry im a first time mum and just unsure xxx

As long as you’re not giving more than 4 doses in 24 hours and they’re about 4-6 hours apart then you’re ok with the Paracetamol. I have used the gel but I found it didn’t work as well so it could be worth a try? I’ve also frozen some teats for LO to suck on which seem to help a little. I have noticed when mine is having a bad time with teething she loses her appetite a little but I just keep offering her bottles and she’ll drink what she wants. I’m a first time mum too and it’s horrible when you don’t know how to help them! You’re doing a great job though, your little one will be fine, as long as he is still giving you wet nappies you don’t have to worry too much!!

Yeah I try only give him paracetamol in the morning if he needs it and before bed, just wish I could take the pain away from him, will definitely try the powder instead and the teats great tip and thank you. He's had a hard start to life and just worry all the time 🙈 thanks mumma we got this 💪 xxx

I find my wee one is more bothers at night - probs cuz during the day we play/go for walks etc and he’s distracted. Ashton and parsons is great - we initially bought the powders but we also got the gel and it’s a game changer. It’s got a brush in the end that massages the gums.

I did read that when babies are lying down on their backs it can make the teething pain worse because gravity is pulling on everything so that may be why he doesn’t like his naps and bedtime at the moment as well, I sleep my little girl on an incline when she’s being fussy, not sure if it helps but we do get solid nights sleep once she’s gone!

My baby has been teething for what feels like ages! We’re tried every teether - she prefers the matchstick monkey she can properly get a chew on those and it seems to help - and all the powders/gels etc. We’ve found the Ashton and parsons powers much better than the gel, you just give half a sachet in the morning and half at night. Those definitely cut down on the drool and her discomfort and we use calpol or nurofen if we feel like she really needs it which like you seems to be more at night time than during the day. I don’t think they really get any proper relief until the tooth cuts, it’s so rotten watching them go through it. X

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