Yesterday I was only able to collect 0.2ml colostrum Today I did my first 1ml and extra. Honestly Feels like an achievement!! If you’re struggling, keep trying
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Congratulations to you hun! I haven't started as I still have abt 2weeks left before I can harvest. Thank you for your words of encouragement 🤗

@Temmy you will smash it ❤️

I literally got nothing on Friday and a pinhead last night. Determined tonight in the bath to at least havrvest something 💪. Any tips? I don't think I've been massaging them long enough x

@Kate thank you very much! Yeah, after watching a few videos last night I think I'm being impatient so going to really give it some time to prep. That's amazing you managed to do that! It's wonderful what our bodies can do, as well asgrow our babies :)

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