Hi Is anyone’s LO teething? I think my daughter is! Did anyone’s LO get a fever and cry a lot with teething? Any tips other than calpol and teething gel?
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Ours is teething too and she cries really badly sometimes because if it. Aside from calpol and teething granules we use a teether and have found sensory lights to help, we have a little baby projector that changes colour and really helps x

My LO is 4months and she has 2 teeth already without crying or fever. But yesterday at night she cried so much that I don't know what to do. I am only using Calpol and teething power

Frozen teethers, and those things that look like soothers with holes in it. I think they're called fruit feeders. We put frozen breast milk in it and out baby loved it on her gums. She also really loves her mombella mushroom or hand penguin teether(stays on their hand). The munch mitt too.

You give liquid nurofen as well as calpol if they’re really struggling xx

But please keep in mind that medicating for teething is not beat practice. If you only giving it every once in a while, the pain actually feels worse when it wears off. And you do not want to be giving a baby around the clock meds for teething.

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