Hi All, Firstly Happy Mothers Day💐💗 My LO is 3 months old, she is bottle fed and for the past couple days she seems to be quite fussy when feeding. She moves about a bit, uses her hands to push away her bottle(whether she means to I don’t know). I went a size up in her teats as thought maybe she was bored and flow wasn’t fast enough which has made it better but still bit fussy. She manages to finish a bottle but taking longer than it used too. Anyone else gone through this? Is it wind? Is it something to worry about? Do they just go through a stage? She may be just feeling off, its been like it since her second lot of jabs. Thanks in advance for help / advice 😘
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My little one is exactly the same, the nurse at the doctor's when doing his jabs said that growth spurts can sometimes cause them to be fussy x

Mines like it his week have put it down to her 2nd jabs and her having a bit of a cold I've not forced her a full feed it's ment feed more than usual but happy girl happy mum x

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