So last night my husband and I had sex it was fun and exciting but neither one us came and my husband always cums so I thought it was me but he said it’s okay because it was fun. Is that normal for both partners not to have an orgam?
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Be happy you’re having sex! It doesn’t always have to end in a climax. Either way, you’re enjoying one another and bonding. So many couples lose that and it’s so vital for a thriving relationship. If you’re never climaxing, that could be another issue, but if it’s the one in a few times no one peaks, it’s totally okay. It means you’ll have more sexual energy for the next round.

@Courtney thank you that is so true

Yes. It happens to my boyfriend and I from time to time. I can be hard to get off anyway. Lol. But we just enjoy the sex with each other.

Yeah sometimes I just want my boyfriend to fuck on me.. I don’t have to always cum. Just The fact that he wants me is sometimes good enough for me.

Girl yes. Me and mines could be having great drink sex and at a point he will literally pass out then wake up at like 5 am to finish

Totally normal!!!!! We’ve done it for over an hour and we both felt great even though w both didn’t finish! We just enjoying it!

I personally believe at times love making is not all about getting to orgasms but having the sense of bodily relaxation from both parties ensuring the moment was well enjoyed. Making sure you guys were inseparable in each other's arms with a glass of wine or water by side to chat and laugh at the unexpected energy released by both parties not forget the positions you guys resisted 🫣. So just enjoy it. Even though I do have this issue with my husband when we use to have sex he feels like it's mandatory for me to reach orgasms each time we have sex and when I don't he gets into a mood and bye bye erection 🙎

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