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Hello everyone, I have a question. I have mild autism and I have a son who is 22 months old. I need help coping with my little ones' tantrums as you know the terrible twos. I break down, and I feel it's a sensory issue. I need some advice how to cope with your little ones tantrums. Also any moms autistic and have kids. How do you manage.
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3 days ago

@Angie that was spot on. Thank you for sharing! My little guy enjoys water beads, slime, and sensory kits.

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If you feel it’s a sealer issue. You could try putting him on a session diet where you provide him sensory input on a schedule. Sensory brushes are great, so are sensory swings. Deep pressure, and water play are also great for sensory processing, and don’t require you to purchase anything. When you are doing dishes set your child up next to you to play in the water while you get the dishes done. When you are folding laundry allow your child to sit in the laundry basket with the socks or clothes while you fold the clothes you can even ask them to hand you something to get them involved if they understand that concept. Get creative and B include them in your daily chores to provide them sensory in new unique ways.

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