5 days ago

Tylenol during labor?

I'm trying to avoid an epidural but am open to other pain meds that don't necessarily remove me from feeling the experience. Has anyone taken Tylenol when they're in labor? 😅
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4 days ago

For me Tylenol doesn’t work at all, but when I had an unmediated birth, I used acupressure and counter pressure as a form of pain management, and from experienced counter pressure was such a huge relief. If you dint want the normal epidural, you could see if your hospital offers the walking epidural. It’s pretty much the same thing only you’re able to walk around and move. I know not every hospital provides that tho, so definitely ask. Also I’ve heard laughing gas is a huge help. No personal experience with it, but my sister just loved it.

5 days ago

I’d ask for laughing gas

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