I’m confused please help

Im stuck at work so I can’t get a pregnancy test but last night while I was getting ready I took an ovulation test and this joker came back like this in like 3 minutes. My af is due today but I don’t feel like it’s going to come. Has anyone had a positive ovulation test and was pregnant???
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17 hours ago

Just got a bfn 😔

20 hours ago

Thanks everyone I get a test tonight!

20 hours ago

Yes. I thought I might had Been pregnant, so tested with an ov test about 1 week after I ovulated. My digital said low, but I opened it and it had two very strong lines (never seen them so strong before). That’s when I kind of knew

21 hours ago

Yes, mine was strong and when I used pregnancy test it was BFP.

21 hours ago

I did yes! At 8DPO

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