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Hi ladies, I would need advice. I was wondering if any of you had the mummy mot done and if it's worth it??? I had the gp check up, and the gp said that everything looks fine but I was wondering if I should do a mot as well. I'm trying to save money, so I'll do it only if it's worth it. Thanks for your help xxx
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@Natalie thank you!!

@Lauren so they’ll take a full history of pregnancy and delivery. Ask if you have any concerns pains etc. they’ll check tummy muscles, hips, lower back, pelvis. Mine also checked shoulders etc this time as I’m breastfeeding. C-section scar. Then if you give permission they’ll do an internal vaginal examination, check the skin on the outside too. Check your pelvic floor and for any movement/signs of prolapse.

@Natalie hi Natalie, what does the MOT involve?

I had a mom and baby osteopathy session which helped my little one with a bit of discomfort and readjusting my shoulders / back for me

Hi, yes I’ve had one after my last 2 babies and it made a big difference. Checked a lot more than what gp did, really helped working out what needing work on my pelvic floor etc and this time after my c-section it helped so much

Hello cristiana! 👋🏻 I’ve literally just booked mine as my friend recommended it. I had PGP towards the end of my pregnancy and since I’ve felt a little bit of pressure and a bit uncomfortable at times ‘down there’ so think it’s definitely worth getting it done just to see if I’ll need to be doing anything extra to build strength back up etc ☺️

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