3 days ago


Am I selfish to feel sad that I didn’t get a card or anything today 🥺😢
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17 hours ago

Now it's too late but maybe next year we can make something between us like "secret Santa" but for mothers day and everyone to receive something! 😊😍 My partner gave to me on 8 March because in my country then is mothers day. 😊

2 days ago

I didn’t either, I’m a single mum and thought my mum would get one for me from my daughter like last year but didn’t, I actually cried as I did her a handmade gift, for flowers, wine and a card from us both for her

3 days ago

I didn’t get anything either, I have come to expect nothing after many years, but it doesn’t stop the disappointment when I wake up and no effort has been made again 🙁. Happy Mother’s Day to you, and know that your little one appreciates you so much, they just can’t show it yet 😊

3 days ago

I didn’t get anything either and I’m a little sad. My husband has never been into exchanging cards etc so I’ve come to expect it really. Hope you had a good day with your LO xxx

3 days ago

Happy Mothers Day mama, sorry you didn’t get a card.. no, you’re not selfish at all

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