Back to work nerves & the dreaded Daycare

Morning mamas! I'm starting to look for daycares and get onto some waitlists. I had a question for any mamas out there who know Abit about the daycare process... I'm not going back to work for another 4/5 months and I have baby on lists... What is the likelyhood that we WON'T get daycare by then? (on the Ontario daycare registry thing) I got emails saying we'll contact you if we have openings from every place I applied but.. Has anyone ever had no daycare found before work? Also.. How is everyone handling going back to work. I didn't take 18 months which I deeply regret and the thought of going BCk to work and leaving my baby with someone else literally gives me panic attacks and extreme anxiety. I wish we had my fam to help but everyone works and great grandparents are to incapacitated.
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18 hours ago

I do work from home and the pay is daily/weekly and the windows are still open for enrollment. I don’t see waves so feel free to send me a message for more info ℹ️

21 hours ago

I live in Toronto and my little one just started daycare this month. I had him on waitlist as soon as he was born and we got a placement at 3 daycare out of 8 that we waitlisted. We toured and asked questions and went with the daycare we felt most comfortable! We chose daycare that has cameras and it’s been a huge relief for me to able to see my LO from anywhere from my phone. Most daycare will update you via app on what/how much the baby ate/frequency of diaper change/send photos of the activities they are doing to keep you updated on things. Yes, your little one will get sick more often but that will only help them build stronger immune system. I on purposely signed him up a month before I go back to work so that transitional phase is easier. I went to pick him up after only 2-3 hours for the first week he attended. He got sick the next week so didn’t go at all 😅 after that we stretched to 4-5 hours a day. You got this mama!!


@Natalie I'm not sure if our counties have the same system. On my county's website, it has a list of licensed daycare centres and home daycares and it's up to the parents to contact each one individually. There are also people with home daycares who are not on the website. I'm part of a Facebook group for finding and offering home daycare spots, maybe your city has something similar?


The home daycares are part of this online waitlist registry thing right? It's kinda confusing honestly.. It shows totlot or mothercraft for example which seems like home daycares through a company? Is there other sources for home daycares?


I'm with you on the anxiety front... baby goes to daycare in 4 months and I'm already crying over it. You may want to look into home daycare as a backup if you haven't. I'm in Guelph and it would be impossible to find a daycare spot at this point (it may be different where you are). I went on 14 waitlists and have received one call for a spot, and it was the daycare I went on a waitlist for while I was still pregnant. Good luck!

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