Baby swing thoughts

We’re a few days passed out due date and I’m just wondering what the general thoughts are on baby swing usage. So far all I’m seeing online is that babies shouldn’t be in it for more than 30 minutes at a time. Is it safe for newborns? When am I allowed to start using this. Of course she would always be supervised while swinging but I would have thought the manual would have had some general guidance. Let me know what you all do!
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14 hours ago

My daughter basically lived in her swing because she'd throw huge fits if we took her out. It was one of her favorite places to nap

14 hours ago

If I needed to get something done or shower, cook or anything like that my son would go in there till I was done how ever long that was! Or if I was tired of holding him use it as much as you can, it really is useful

17 hours ago

My son would only take naps in his swing till he was 4 months old!! Literally no where else. It was a life saver.

17 hours ago

My baby is in there for as long as she wants until she fussed and even then she normally settles right back down while I get stuff down..if she falls asleep i just check on her often..we have that exact swing and its honestly a god send.we didntnuse it until she was about 3 months though

20 hours ago

I keep my baby in there as long as he’ll allow, if he falls asleep in it I always watch him/check on him 🤷🏽‍♀️

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