Bibs dummies

I plan on using bibs dummies. How do you take these into hospital? Are they sterile in the sealed packet or do I need to sterilise them and put them into a dummy container?
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21 hours ago

Best dummies, most babies don't need a dummy in hospital, but you can always buy a portable dummy steriliser if you want to take them just in case. I recommend the Milton dummy steriliser 😁

22 hours ago

Hehe it’s nice to feel a bit over prepared and then we can see how it all goes without any stress! X


@Sofia ah I’ll take a look at the stork dummies! Think I need a bibs dummy storage thing too as it’ll be good for out & about too. This is my 2nd but i feel like a first time mum all over again! I breast fed 1st time with my daughter for 2 years and she never had a dummy so I’m clueless to it all 🤣 this time I plan on bottle feeding & using a dummy so its like starting over again x


Yess I did, I think it can either hold 3 or 1 actually depending on whether you put the insert in or not. I agree the other dummies are so ugly haha, I also got some from stork baby which are really nice. Maybe get some Milton cold water steriliser as it’s soo easy and you could even take a premade bottle of it in your bag and do it at the hospital, or they actually do a portable dummy steriliser thing to use with it. As said above apparently the hospital staff don’t love using dummies straight away- which does make sense as we’re trying to get them started with feeding, but I’m still going to take one just in case he’s a pro and then wants one to soothe x


I was at a midwife appointment the other day and they had a list of maternity bag items pinned on their wall, and they said not to bring a dummy to the hospital because it can mess with their feeding whether it’s breast or bottle. Having said that my NCT classes preached about dummies calling nipple confusion and my midwife called that out as bullshit, but maybe check if a dummy is necessary for straight after birth x

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