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Out of Hours

Does anyone know whether any out of hours have ultrasound equipment? Involved in a slight bump yesterday and we don’t have a scan until 24/04! 7 weeks today
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Had an emergency scan on Monday, saw little bean and their heartbeat, no signs of bleeding thankfully internally :) got a further scan on Monday as a precaution to check all seems to be going okay! I was also informed we weren’t as far as we thought, I had us at 7+1 and she said approx 6+5 but only from her guess :)

4 days ago

Hope everything’s okay x

5 days ago

They’ve sent me to a&e, just as I got here started spotting, had one occasion yesterday evening and I thought it was just because of the bump x

5 days ago

I’ve done 111 online and they’ve suggested a call back within 30 minutes to see what next steps are, I’m still cramping at my lower stomach so hopefully they’ll be able to see me today, I work in childcare so it’s a hands on job this week so I’d rather know all is okay before I push myself further, I’ll update once they’ve called me back, I’m assuming they’ll either send me to hospital or Widnes walk in? Just not sure on if they have ultrasounds because it isn’t as if they can check the heartbeat using a Doppler so early x

5 days ago

I was 24 weeks. They just did his heartbeat and said everything seemed OK. I had no other symptoms and could still feel movement so they were happy x

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