So I had a c section on the 15th of this month at children's sunrise hospital I was released the 17th and was found unconscious and rushed back to them in ambulance yesterday on the 18th for a severe infection by the incision from them that they caused fever of 102.2 what should I do can I sue because it was they fault or how do I go about this? Also does anyone know if I can get food delivered here I'm starving and idk what they doing WITH THE FOODS
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Sunrise is garbage. Always has been. Unfortunately to sue would be extremely hard, if you want to try I’d contact a lawyer. Not sure about food delivery sorry can someone maybe bring you something?

Oh man I’m so sorry. I had a c section at Henderson hospital and was able to door dash food to the hospital lobby and had my mama go and grab it.

@Alexus I'm not from here so I really don't know anyone down here like that

@Talya so if I got the money for door dash I couldn't have them come to the room I'm here by myself

Awww so sorry to hear that..omg I'm scared my 1st baby I'm going to deliver there😐

@Laura please don't like I'm deadass begging you they so unsanitary I caught a infection that quick n they couldn't do nothing but be quiet I promise you the nurse name is Debbie as soon as I said the c section was done there she just shook her head and said I'm sorry mama and said herself she wish I was somewhere else

Sorry for the late reply. But I’m sure if you asked a nurse they would be able to get it. Or if the dasher could go the the front desk of whatever area your in and they could bring it to you

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