Daughter don't like Stepdad

My 11yr daughter confided to me that she does not like her stepdad. I asked why did she feel that way. She said. (He always yelling at me for stuff I had no control over. I can't do anything here or say anything when we go to the store(normal stuff kids do in the store) She don't like when a male yells or talk at a female And he doesn't treat you (mom) so good either. ) As far as him yelling and talking at her. I spoke to him a out that prior to her telling me this and it didn't go well. He say things like oh you gonna let your child dictate what they don't want to do or live. And that's not the case. I'm more intune with my kids mental and emotional feelings. Has anyone experienced this before? And what do I do?
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10 hours ago

She’ll probably stop coming to you for things if you stay

10 hours ago

@Raqi nothing else is happen I know for a fact because she always with me or comes to me for everything. When she's not in school. Our relationship is cool until I want to express something I dislike then its a problem. Pretty much one sided.

12 hours ago

The fact that she said "he doesn't treat you so good either" especially stuck out to me. How is y'all's relationship? Is it a healthy model for her? I didn't like my mom's long time boyfriend. He gave me the ick from the get go. Turns out he was abusive and things eventually escalated wildly. It was easier to say "I don't like him" than what was actually happening. I hope nothing worse than what she says is going on, but kids don't always know how to communicate big things sometimes.

14 hours ago

I promise you I won't. Deep in my heart I would never let her live some where else without.

17 hours ago

Please don't send an 11 year old little girl away to live with someone else because she is unhappy with how an unrelated man treats her, in her home.

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