Dying hair & IVF

Hi ladies. Due to start my first round of IVF mid April. I have highlights that are growing out and naturally dark hair with a few greys here and there (can start to look a right mess if I don’t keep on top of it!). Usually I wouldn’t mind as much but my birthday is in a few weeks and so is my husbands so would be nice to have my hair done. Should I 1) leave my hair as chemicals etc not good for IVF 2) put a dark colour all over and swerve bleach or 3) get my usual which will involve bleach and colour?
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15 hours ago

My doctor said it was fine too x

19 hours ago

My hair is highlighted. I got it done before I started. I got balayage so it wasn’t near my scalp. And the grow out is easier to maintain. My Dr said it’s fine

21 hours ago

I did IVF and didn’t even know this was a thing. Colored my hair the entire time.

22 hours ago

@Dee that should be fine as they normally don't get much on your scalp.

22 hours ago

@Ana yeah always at the salon x

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