Mother’s Day flop

Anyone else’s Mother’s Day just been a flop? I had to remind him to get a card yesterday, he had no breakfast lunch or dinner planned for us and I still had to plan everything for baby. He’s planned nothing for us to do, I’m not sure what I had expected to be honest, but more than this. To top it off babies naps are totally fucked up for the day which means bedtime is either gonna be really early and have an early rise or an additional nap and be too late 🙃
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19 hours ago

OP, the movies sure make it look good, but true joy is in the small things. Like this morning, I said aloud I was going to make coffee, and my husband asked if I wanted a Starbucks. I beamed; he went to the grocery store and grabbed me a coffee along the way. That’s real life romance. Discussing things ahead of time, especially if you have something in mind that you want to do; helps a lot. You could even make it fun! Like if you want a day with the kids or a day with the girls, brunch, or shopping. Whatever you want that year.

20 hours ago

@Reagan Henricks yeah I think we need to do this moving forward. The old romantic vision in my head of my husband bringing me coffee in bed just isn’t realistic unless I tell him too apparently!

20 hours ago

My hubby and I discuss all holidays/birthdays/anniversaries coming up so we avoid anything like this happening. He should obviously plan something, but y’all can do it together each time too. We plan so we aren’t disappointed on either side.

20 hours ago

Yep 🙋🏻‍♀️ Last year my Mother’s Day present was the 4 month sleep regression so the night before I was up every single hour and then had to deal with a grumpy baby in the day with zero energy to go out or do anything nice. This year, my husband is away (he did send a card, flowers and chocolates and has another gift coming apparently), baby woke me up at 5:20 even though he didn’t go to bed until nearly 10pm, then he fought his nap like it was world war three this morning meaning I had to cancel lunch plans with my mum and sister because by the time I finally got him down he’d have only been able to have 20 mins before I’d have had to wake him up to go out. Given he’s only on 1 nap, 20 mins just wasn’t going to cut it. Ended up going to five guys instead 🤦🏻‍♀️ baby has cried on and off constantly now it’s just the two of us and I’m counting down the hours until bedtime although I’m not entirely sure why because I’m sure I’ve got yet another shit night ahead of me. 😩

21 hours ago

Does his family celebrate mothers/Father’s Day? My husbands family doesn’t celebrate them so I had to say that I do want to or he would not have realised as it’s never been a thing for him

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