any breastfeeding mamas vape?? need advice
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15 hours ago

I vape and breastfeed

17 hours ago

@Tori also interested

22 hours ago

Send me a message I can send youa link to a harm reduced nicotine free vape, it's better to have the least harmful option to hand if you're likely to go buy a nicotine vape or cigarettes when the craving comes

22 hours ago

If you vape with nicotine it will 100% transfer to baby thru your breastmilk. Nicotine is very bad for baby’s development. Baby can also become addicted to nicotine if you’re BF while smoking/vaping. Would recommend holding off until you’re done breastfeeding.


@Jaycee does it affect your supply any? i was vaping before my pregnancy and wanted to start again but wasnt sure

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