Age for first camping trip

We’re thinking about going camping one of the May bank holidays or in the summer holiday and just wondering whether our boy will be too young (he’ll be 3.5mo in May or 6mo in the summer). What do you think is the optimal age to start camping with a baby? How old were your little ones when you first took them camping?
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We took our lo at 7 weeks. I dont think there's really an age as such it's just what you are comfortable with and the weather/time of year. We were in our van rather than a tent but it got pretty cold on the night. He was fine though.

We went the first time when ours was 3 months old and it was a nightmare LoL but I think everyone's different. Every situation is different. Just trial and error. If you feel comfortable, try it out! Just be ready to make a quick get away.

We’ve taken both our kids from a young age (6 weeks) I think and they’re used to it now. We’ve basically been monthly for the last 4 years.

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