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Help so confused!

Hi everyone! My baby has all of the teething symptoms and she has about 4 small white dots on her gums which I thought were teeth coming through. However this has been going on for a month and nothing is changing. And she will only settle or drink if she’s had some sort of pain relief like panadol but I don’t want to keep giving her panadol all the time. I thought painful teething was only supposed to last about a week and the tooth would break though. I’m so confused if it’s actually teething if it’s gone on this long? Thankyou!
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4 days ago

Thankyou so much everyone!

5 days ago

My girls bottom two came through after a couple weeks but the top ones took over a month! I was so confused! And ones cut through and it happened over night and now after only a few days it’s like 1/4 the way through! Happened so fast and she’s still in a lot of pain. It comes and goes and haven’t had to use Panadol in the last couple weeks thankfully. It seemed worse at the beginning. I reckon they’ll cut through very soon hang in there!

5 days ago

5 days ago

My baby has had this for about a month and a half but no teeth have come through yet. I find that Jack N Jill teething gel gives almost instant relief to my baby and it's natural.

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