Rant more than anything

Want to cry. I thought I’d got a bfp. Decided to shine a light through the back of the test and found it’s actually an air bubble on the test strip where the test line is 😭this is a one step test. I’ve ordered some first response instead expecting them to be negative
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I see a faint line; test again tomorrow.

@Simone I definitely will. Just feel really devastated as when I shone my phone torch through the back of the rest it showed an air bubble looking thing on the test strip where that faint looking line is. Trying not to get excited yet x

Looks positive to me. You don't need to shine a light /take the test apart as that can invalidate them. Take another test but I'd be surprised if its not positive

@Naomi I know I’ve never done that before so not really sure what possessed me to do it. This feels like a really long wait until the frer arrive later today. I just feel like I can’t trust it because of the weird looking bubble where the faint line is if that makes sense

Do another test in a day or so. Been here too xx

@Amy I definitely will. I want to believe it but the weird looking air bubble where the faint line is, is making me not believe it. Gonna hold until my first responses arrive later on tonight x

That looks positive

@Lexi I took a first response this evening which was completely negative. So honestly not sure what to think. I’ll test again in the morning when I haven’t drank anything for hours but I’m expecting it to be negative after this evenings test 🥺

@Savannah thank you ☺️ Unfortunately I did a first response this morning and it was completely negative. So I’ll see if my period turns up or not x

I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully a nice big bold positive line is coming your way soon. Xx

@Amy thank you ☺️. Period has turned up this evening so on to the next month x

@Savannah thank you xxx

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