My son will be 8 months old next Sunday. He uses the pacifier more now for comfort, when he’s very fussy or to sleep , sometimes he even spits it out in his sleep lol . But , he goes a pretty lengthy time w out it. Im aware their are different pacifier sizes based on the months they are. He will not take the 6-18 month one, he makes a disgusted face & spits it out 😂 i’ve tried multiple times . He only still will take the 0-6 month one & their both the same exact brand (Philips Avent Ultra air) . He doesn’t have his appt until next month for his 9m where I can ask his pediatrician if the sizes is really a big deal . He doesn’t use it constantly like I said or really need it. Any body else going through the same or went through the same thing ? What did you mamas do?
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I'm going through the same exact thing.

I am! The only 6-18 mine will take other than the 0-6 month Phillips one, is the itzy ritzy orthodontic pacifier.

I don't think pacifier ages really matter. Then again, my girl isn't a huge pacifier baby. I actually cut one of the newborn ones to fit a bottle like a nipple for when she wakes for a comfort feed. Then during the day, I use it to help her get more used to holding her bottle on her own without making a mess. I bought a couple of the 3-6 month Avent ones but I don't think she likes how stiff they are. Oddly enough, she actually prefers a silicon toothbrush for comfort over a pacifier.

@Britne really ?? do you think it’s worth buying to try ?

@Crystal I do! They aren't expensive!

This is actually me weaning hack. Don't buy the next size up. Eventually baby will not enjoy it and self-wean. Worked for my daughter. 🤞 it works for my son

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