Energy where’s is it at 😩

I’m 10 weeks and 4 days and when I say I have “0” energy I have none at all and i constantly feel sick when I wake up and after everything I eat. Didn’t feel like this with my other kids and I know every pregnancy is different but my goodness I hate being lazy because im so used to cooking and cleaning and working so much now I don’t want to do none of that. What are you ladies doing for energy? I need mines back ASAP!
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@Colleen thank you 😊 I’m hoping I can say the same soon.

I’ve had the same experience, and it’s soooo frustrating. All I could do is work (felt dead halfway through the day) and sleep. Happy to report I feel like i’ve turned a corner at 11 weeks! Hang in there!!

@Chantal thank you I hope that it’s true as well. If not goodness we have along way to go. I hope you get your energy back soon as well because I hate this lbvs.

I’m sorry you are feeling sick 🥺 I lucky have not felt sick but my energy is in the negatives 😭😭 I am 9 weeks and I’ve literally been having a hard time doing anything. I haven’t been doing the dishes and I haven’t been cooking. I also used to go to the gym almost every day and I haven’t been in over a month. I’ve been making my fiance do everything for me and I’m only nine weeks so it feels ridiculous. I keep trying to fight that laziness but it’s almost impossible. I’ve been reading that in the second trimester you get more energy and I’m really hoping it’s true.

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