Anyone’s LO dropped a bottle feed?

Hey guys, anyone’s LO dropped a feed during the day if they’re on 3 meals + snacks? My Son doesn’t seem too interested in his bottle after lunch and just wondering if I should drop it altogether! Thanks x
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My boy takes his night bottle (6oz) then somewhere in night/morning will have another 6 oz and most of the time he would not drink afternoon bottle but lately he again finishes it off

Today, my little girl has dropped her late afternoon bottle, normally 3.30, but she has slept through it. She has only been taking 3oz of her very last bottle at 7ish, so I'm hoping because she has dropped this one, it means she will drink 8oz of her last one. When I spoke to the HV about milk intake, she said that as long as she is having at least a pint a day, it's fine.

My little boy is on 3 meals and was having 4 bottles, he's now dropped his 12pm bottle and I moved is 4pm bottle to 3pm :)

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