5 days ago

Hrt not working so well anymore

Feels like the hrt has stopped working, only been on it for 6 months but starting to feel like crap again, mood swings, tiredness etc, has anyone else had this so early on?
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2 days ago

Your star shines through the universe and the world needs your light you are a beautiful soul sister☮️. I have noticed throat and sacral energy chakra blocked in you cause of some toxic person around you in the past.if you want me to tell you more in depth you can inbox me with your right hand palm picture thank you sis ❤️

3 days ago


3 days ago

Will they give you more than 100mg dose oestrogen @Julie? I'm on the same 100mg patch and feel like I need more but though that's the highest dose you can get?

3 days ago

@Victoria I stopped absorbing gel that's why I switched to patches. But it is possible you just need more oestrogen. See how you get on x

3 days ago

@Julie @Sophie been put on to the patches dr thinks my bodies not absorbing the gel, she said give it weeks if bo relief phone back up...🤞🤞 it kicks back in

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