Am I reading too much into this?

A couple of weeks ago I had a baby shower, my friends arranged everything, I was just told the date nothing else, no location or guest list. After the baby shower when pics had gone online etc a girl I haven’t seen in over 18 months, (but we said we’d catch up soon as in we’ve been saying that for last 6 months), who only really contacted me to fish for gossip on people we both know but she doesn’t see sent me a msg just saying “Your baby shower looked nice.” I said thanks and that it was a lovely surprise, that I hoped she was well. Since then radio silence but it’s got back through other people she’s annoyed she didn’t get invited to the baby shower. Have considered messaging saying, I didn’t sort guest list but then think if she’s going to make digs at me then I don’t owe her an explanation.
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@Sam thank you, this is such a kind response. Xx

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