No one has Group B Streptococcus….
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My test just came back today it was negative but the doctor told me if I did have it I would’ve just gotten some antibiotics

No, I haven’t had it with any of my pregnancies. However it’s nothing serious. They will just give you an antibiotic during labor.

I have it. Doesn't seem like a big deal

I have it! My doctor said I’ll get antibiotics during labor

i was negative with my daughter and positive with my son. they just gave me antibiotics while i was in labor. you have to be diligent about getting to your doctor before your water breaks. you need 2 doses 4 hours apart. i had no complications. they were going to call the nicu team in to assess him, but i finished my 2nd dose before my water broke, so there was no need :)

my test just came back negative but i had a test done at the beginning of my pregnancy that says i have it🤨 so i’m confused but i was told i might still have to take antibiotics

I wasn't tested because I hate pelvic exams but my doctor said I'm going to be given IV antibiotics in labor anyway because I've had several utis durring my pregnancy so I definitely have it

I tested positive. Going in tonight to be induced. Dr was vague and so is google, but it seems like it happens in 1 in 4 pregnancies. You get penicillin before the baby is born to kill the bacteria. She told me if the baby swallows it during labor they could get sick (she said there’s only a 1% chance of that with the penicillin tho)

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