last week

Anyone else?!

Anyone else’s baby driving them insane today?! Anyone else not having ‘the perfect day’?!
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4 days ago

My baby is what I lovingly call 'high maintenance'. He is not one who you can leave to play on his own. He forever wants to be stood up and walking but can't do that ithiut support but my back will only allow that for 15 mins an hour max 😅 So yes, I know exactly how you feel!

5 days ago

@Yaz oh no poor thing and poor you!

5 days ago

@Danielle oh no, I would be too! Hope you get some me-time once the kids are in bed!

5 days ago

@Paulina hope you feel better soon!

5 days ago

Aha couldve wrote this myself. My lg woke up and has a cough, shes whinged constantly all day too! X

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