Anyone know what this is ?

They're everywhere , appeared Friday. No dryness or itchy or anything they're just there. They just look like chills.
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3 hours ago

@Hema yes! I actually have been letting her finally be outside on the hot days because it's always so cold here in Colorado and we're always stuck in the house 🥲 thank you so much !!

5 hours ago

Omgg! My son had gotten that all over his skin. Including face and legs! Have you taken your baby out in the sun/heat without using sunscreen?? This was the result after I thought I didn’t need sunscreen because we’ll be under the gazebo. But it was heated and I guess I should have still given him it. I used aquaphor at nights all over his body and then I used the cetaphil cream during the day. (And I started to use the cream every time I changed his diapers) so that his skin could be hydrated enough and it worked working couple days!!

12 hours ago

@Tressa Welch no nothing they just stay like that

12 hours ago

Do they ever get white heads on them? My son had similar bumps when he was a newborn. Dr said a mixture of calcium bumps and pustular melenosis

17 hours ago

Try using a salve or an oil. We use calendula salve and jojoba oil.

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