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My son seem to have developed a sensitivity to dairy milk and was wondering from the alternative choices which one would be the best. I have heard things about soy milk and how it’s really not that good to have all the time. So I’m just stuck trying to figure out what I can give my son!
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My niece had tested out several that she had issues with digesting or just not liking. My sister in law uses kendamil, found at Target

I talked with my daughters ped and started making her milk after she weaned off breastmilk. I prefer doing that than buying anything else from the store because I can ensure she’s getting the proper nutrients without all the extra stuff. I also give her vitamin drops to put in her water so she can get additional nutrients.

Soy milk is usually the most nutritious highest protein most fortified etc and I personally like it the best but the nice thing about almond milk is that the unsweetened kind actually tastes ok whereas the unsweetened soy milk is pretty gross. There are loads of other kinds like coconut cashew oat etc but none really stand out for me either nutritionally or taste wise (though they’re all pretty good)

No milk at all! My Dr says we are thr only mammals who drink milk beyond infancy, and it's not necessary if he is getting a round diet.

Almond milk...

I love oat milk but recently learned that it has a lot of seed oils so I’m just sticking to regular unsweetened almond milk!

Ripple is a good alternative

I’ve known other moms to use goat milk too! I think it’s standard enough that it’s even covered by WIC 🧐

So my son is 14 months and had digestive issues since we switched to whole milk. In the last week we have switched to unsweetened almond milk and it has been a game changer. He loves it and has had no issues. Our doctor suggested the unsweetened almond milk and said absolutely not to soy milk especially for little boys as estrogen is often added to soy milk. We were told to continue to give him vitamin d and to add children fish oil to help with items missing from the whole milk. Hope you find something that works for your little one!

We have tried to lactose free but even that it’s not good on his tummy

At that age could just be lactose intolerance so you could try still cows milk but lactose free (lactose is milk sugar that can be removed). Otherwise oat milk can be a good alternative

My son is 15 months

It depends- how old is your son? I see a lot of ppl saybtheir Dr said Oat milk... I'd stay away from soy and rice milk. A lot of non dairy milk has added sugar too.

My daughter’s doctor recommended goat milk but it seems hard to find.

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