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Hi everyone! I've just gone through my first round of IVF and got my first ever positive test today! 🥹 I'm 4 weeks + 5. I did the test given to me by the clinic, which is a little plastic thing and a clearblue digital. The clearblue says 2-3 weeks. The little plastic one, the positive line doesn't seem that dark... I don't know if I'm just overthinking and worrying. Tbf the control line is also pretty pale too. Does it all look ok to you? I'm not much of a tester and it's been 2yrs3mnths of trying l, so I'm just worrying.
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4 days ago

Hi Gabi, if you don’t mind me asking, how long did it take you to get a positive test on a digital? Or were these your first tests? I have just had IVF and my test day was today, but my digital was negative and my hospital test had the faintest of faint blue dye lines. The clinic just haven’t got back to me so I’m going a bit mad :( I did have a positive line on a frer but it was much lighter than the line I had two days ago so I think I’m having a chemical but I’m just in limbo x

4 days ago

Ah that makes me feel a lot better, thank you @katie !! Yep I have a scan but it's 8 weeks, rather than 7. I think I'll feel better at that point. I'm 4 weeks + 6 now. How are you feeling?

4 days ago

Hey Gabi, I have gone thought IVF aswell and had done the same test as you with very similar results. I was that same and a little worried at first but spoke with my clinic who confirmed its was a positive test. Ive also since taken 2 feather test with a week inbetween all very positive and at 5week +5 now. Do you get a 7 week scan going thought IVF ? Xxx

4 days ago

Thank you very much @Gabriella 💗

5 days ago

Congratulations 🥳 xxx

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