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Hi! My 5 week old sleeps for 3-3.5 hours when he first goes down for the night, but only sleeps for an hour and a half - an hour 45 overnight. Any tips for longer overnight sleep blocks? Thank you!!
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More food! They need to be full to sleep longer usually. Or if they get gas, maybe give them some Mylicon drops before they go back to sleep

Thanks! We just ordered mylicon drops and should have in a few days. I have been putting him back down when he falls asleep but I wilk try waking him and trying to get him to eat more

We tried a different swaddle and that has helped my daughter a ton! She liked our previous one and would wiggle her hands free after an hour or so, but once we switched to a Velcro swaddle she started sleeping for 4+ hour stretches at night! My son hated swaddles and slept longer in the sleep sack that allowed his hands to wiggle free. Every baby is different!

My son does the same and he’s breastfed. I haven’t found a solution yet just here to say you aren’t alone on that! I can get him to sleep in his crib for the first stretch of the night for like 3 hours but never after that longer than 30 min -1 hour.

I agree with making sure he has a full belly. We also have a Snoo and I was having the same issue initially, she started getting a second long stretch about a week ago when I upped the pre bedtime feeding. She’ll eat and then eat more like an hour later before I put her down at 830/9. She is about to turn 6 weeks and I in a sleep regression the last couple nights, but other than that she’s been getting 2 long overnight stretches. A 4 hour and a 3 hour

If you have the money buy a snoo! (We got ours on marketplace for over half off) my baby was the same way and the first day we used it she went right back to sleep each time

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