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Hi guys 🙂 just a long back story sorry - so my baby will be two months old this week 🥳 and she sleeps really good at night in her bassinet. I put her down at 9, she may or may not wake up again at 12 but if not then 2:30, and then again at 6, and we start the day at 9. During the day, however, she refuses to sleep in her bassinet and if she does it’s only for like 30 mins if that. The only time during the day she actually sleeps on her own MAYBE is her 6pm nap right before bedtime 😂 It was getting hard to get things done around the house or feel normal so I got the recommendation to baby wear by a couple other moms. The cloth wrap is annoying and hot to her (she’s starting to wiggle and throw her head around more). I finally got the Ergo baby Omni 360 and she loooooves it. She’ll sleep in there the whole nap during the day for two hours long and I’m able to get stuff done, eat, etc 😩 Sooo anyway my mom made a comment basically saying not to wear her for her naps all the time because she will become bow legged as the carrier will train her legs to sit a certain way. I mostly ignored it but my intrusive thoughts are coming in and I don’t want to hurt her hips or leg development 🙃 For example say I feed her at 12, play for about 30 min to an hour and when she’s ready (yawning, glassy look etc) I’ll put her in the carrier and she’ll sleep for about two hours from like 1-3, I’ll take her out change her and do it all over again until the evening when she’s ready to sleep on her own. Is this a bad idea and too much for her legs?? I just want some type of normalcy to feel like I can be mobile and not stuck to the bed bc she won’t sleep without me. Thanks for reading this far 😅🙏🏽
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22 hours ago

You just need to make sure she's seated in there properly. "M" legs are the best way. When they're small enough to not have their legs dangling, just make sure their legs are up on each side of themselves. Even if they look bow legged (most babies do) once they start walking, they generally straighten out fine! I baby wear a lot in my house too. It's so much easier to get stuff done!!

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