How to get out from a toxic relationship?

I want to leave father of my babies. His alcohol problem is out of control. I gave a birth to our second 4 weeks ago. He haven’t stopped drinking since then. Mother’s Day was a disaster. We are both on flat contract. We also applied for Universal Credit when I was on unpaid maternity leave. We hardly get anything because of his earnings. I only get maternity pay, he pays all the bills but everything is on my name.I asked him to move out because we do nothing but fight. He said I need to go because he pays the rent. It’s getting uglier and uglier every day. I can’t afford anything at the moment. My family doesn’t live here. I feel trapped and angry. Do you know where can I get help?
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@Sophie Jayne he never abused me though

You can apply for universal credit as a single person, just say your separated. You can still show the contract it's not a problem, and if they help you just use the money to save up for a place, just don't tell him that you're receiving it, that's what I did and it was fine.

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