Deciding on homeschooling

Hey ladies, So, what made you decide to homeschooling? What was your tipping point? Mines were bullying. My kids are constantly being bullied and no matter how much the school get involved, the kids would stop and go back to bullying shortly after. My kids are so friendly and loves school and their friends but unfortunately kids can be so mean
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Aside from the more notable incidents that I had already taken into account, as well as the overall controversy of the public school system, the ultimate decision was made due to bullying as well as changes in her behavior that were not for the better. I’ve noticed her overall emotional well-being has improved so much 🤍

Back in mid 2000’s living in Florida seeing that schools were teaching for tests and not knowledge I decided to homeschool.

@Janelle yeah I totally get it. Thank you for sharing

@nancy Hoffman gosh right. They have been driving me crazy about the staar test.

Hey ladies. How do you go about finding moms in your area that can homeschool others? Im interested in learning more before i send my kids in august for elementary.

co-ops are collections of families with similar interest that share teaching responsibilities. I am trying to start some thing in south dallas

@Kenzie see if you can find co-ops nearby.

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