22 hours ago

Should I be worried ?! 😩

Has started off just in the folds of his neck and now it’s coming down his chest. No GP today so feel slightly worried at what it could be.
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17 hours ago

Yes mines had something similar from where milk was gathering. I just double check clean and dry now..GP would also prescribe an anti fungal but should go away on it's on nonetheless.

20 hours ago

If you're worried, you can contact NHS 111 out of hours and on weekends. They will ask for symptoms and work out the next steps, and provide advice.

21 hours ago

I’d get it checked for yeast if it’s still there in a couple/few days

22 hours ago

@Kell he’s formula fed though? He’s been having the same brand formula since birth.

22 hours ago

Looks like an allergy

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