21 hours ago

Am I being stupid?

I'm a FTM and I've been really struggling with other people's behaviour in general regarding my LO. She's been really fussy and gassy over the past couple of weeks, most likely due to a mixture of overstimulation (we've had lots guests and family get togethers since she's been born, and people picking her up and waking her up when she's asleep etc) and issues with her feeding. Anyway I've been getting really annoyed with how others have been responding to her being uncomfortable and crying. Instead of giving her back to me to soothe and calm down, they just shove a dummy in her mouth and keep her in their laps. When I have swooped in to take her off them (especially my MIL) I've been met with the dirtiest looks as if to say how dare you take her from me. I've been really struggling with my anxiety since she's been born too and feel like I'm just being extra. I don't know how to feel at the moment. "/
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17 hours ago

They definitely don’t. It’s ridiculous. Every time I talk about research behind certain things as well he tries to shut me down. Thank you, hope things get better for you too xx

17 hours ago

@Shazida yes I'm from an Asian background. I don't think people understand the importance of the mum when it comes to babies. Really winds me up. I'm sorry that you're going through similar. Hope it gets easy for you

17 hours ago

@Shazida I’m so happy my family isn’t like that I’m sorry you FIL did that cause that’s ridiculous

17 hours ago

I apologise in advance for being stereotypical but are you from an Asian background? Coz I am and even tho my situation is not as bad as yours, I’m experiencing same-ish. For example, my baby was crying earlier. I know he wasn’t hungry, he’s been changed etc. he just wanted to be held by me. My FIL grabbed him and tried to calm him down. My baby wasn’t having it. I asked for him to be given to me. My FIL walked out of the room and took my baby for a walk around the house. He came back 2 minutes later and my baby was still crying. I asked again for my baby and finally my FIL passed him to me. He calmed down within a few seconds. I eventually said “see how he calmed straight away. He just wanted his mum” my FIL didn’t know what to say

19 hours ago

You are not being extra those people are just being really rude, it’s like they forgot how it was being a FTM. If they give you a dirty look give them one back that’s your baby momas.

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