21 hours ago

Baby acne

Is this normal looking baby acne? 😰 it just seems so incredibly bad to me. Any tips on helping it or just give it time?
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18 hours ago

My sons looked like this! I used a warm wash cloth to wipe it twice a day and it went away within a week or so and now it’s just small spots here and there sometimes. He’s 5 weeks now. I also used mustela and tubby Todd on it but not until it had already gone down a lot because I was waiting on the delivery of both items. The tubby Todd is my favorite for his face!

19 hours ago

Mines started too and I put breastmilk on his face. They say it works. I will let you know if it continues

20 hours ago

Poor our baby has to deal with lot. We were thinking its lot for us to be mom. But it is lot for them too to adjust in this new world.

20 hours ago

Completely normal. This is what my baby looks like right now. πŸ˜”

20 hours ago

Mine is dealing with that too

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