Batch cooking before baby

Hi! I go on maternity leave soon and wanting to batch cook a load of meals to freeze for convenience the first couple of weeks of baby being here. Looking for a bit of inspiration of meals to cook. Thanks 😊
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For breakfasts I’ve froze pancakes and waffles and found frozen croissants in Asda and I made banana and chocolate chip breakfast muffins Thai green curry, chilli con carne, chicken in marinade ( ready to just dump into the slow cooker)and will just cook rice when we need it. And lasagne ( these are what I’ve made so far )

All I could think of was bolognaise, chilli and lasagne cause I find they heat back up well and you can just make fresh pasta or rice

Random but I hate how pasta freezes and reheats, it always goes mushy (unless it’s lasagne). So not pasta dishes 😁 but pasta is easy to quickly make you could do some little tubs of 1-2 portions of bolognese. Curry’s with rice pre-done. Shepherds pies Portions of stew to have with buttered bread as a good filling meal Portions of mash potatoes are easy to reheat, and then you can just throw either a nice pie or some sausages in the oven with gravy and frozen veg in the microwave

Bolognese, chilli, lasagne, soup, cottage pie. Xx

@Kia The frozen breakfasts are a great idea, I hadn't thought of that!!!

So far I have done bolognese, beef stew, creamy chicken pasta, butter chicken, macaroni cheese with spinach and bacon and cottage pie. I am going to do soup this week too.

I did this for my first so have done it again. I did a big food shop just for batch cooking & made a few batches each of - Veggie chilli Chilli on carne Spag Bol sauce Breakfast muffins Sweet potato & carrot soup Roast vegetable pasta sauce Macaroni cheese Chicken drumstick traybake Bbq Pulled chicken Sausage pasta bake Tuna pasta bake

Can’t go wrong with soup!

Such a helpful thread! I was thinking of doing the same. I was going to try a few curries as they seem to freeze really well 👌

We don't have to cook our church is setting up a rota of meals for us x

I prepped a lot of meals where you add the carbs fresh as I could store more and it'll make it taste fresher. So meat and veggies dishes, which can also be eaten alone or with bread. White wine and garlic chicken (add pasta) Various stir frys (add packet rice/noodles) Sheppherds pie (add potatoes, you can get premade mash cheap at supermarkets) Flavoured chicken thighs (add rice) Pork chops in mushroom sauce (add rice/spuds) Various meats with sauces and veg (again add whatever floats your boat the time) Just one way to do it, but I'm sure plenty of other options work for people. 🥰 I genuinely found it useful when we had our kitchen done. Anyone can read contents and just heat them up and add to with quick carbs if needed. I'd definitely recommend cooking flavours you love rather than just ease, as you'll actually eat them rather than just want something else. Try to pack in veg and nutrients as you'll want that when recovering! But make it tasty. 🥰

So many good ideas here!! Thanks so much everyone 🥰

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