21 hours ago

Online dating is stressful

Guys these days are kind of hit or miss. Even older men. Theywant someone perfect and capable of taking care of them financially etc. Dating these days suck. I don't remember having so many trash messages years ago. But then again I had no children. Could it be that being a single mom makes me less valued?
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9 hours ago

I would ask about there kids 1st.

9 hours ago

Yes. I wouldn't even tell them that I am mom unless they are the one..

17 hours ago

If you're trying to date have others you know family or friends introduce you to people they know are single. Also a subscription to to rule out all the crazies or guys with a really long criminal background. Just a friendly suggestion. I was single for a long time. It can get lonely but God's timing is perfect. Trust the right person will come into you're life at the right time.

19 hours ago

Oh ok. Yeah that’s a red flag.

20 hours ago

@Indy yea. I figured as much. It kinda scared me off the app. I want to meet someone but I don't know how I'll do that when I'm mostly surrounded by other moms and work around mostly women. My social time is with my baby tbh

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