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I hate how I feel so bad as my partner is in the mood but I'm just not , and doesn't matter what he does , im just not in the mood. Feel like im letting him down as not giving him the pleasure he wants but I cant help it if im just not in the mood .
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If you’re not in the mood then you’re not in the mood 🤷‍♀️ my husband doesn’t like to “force” it when I’m not in the mood but I am willing. Sometimes I pretend to be in the mood because I want to make him happy and he deserves it. Half the time, mid way through, I’m in the mood 👀 Either way, if it becomes and issue for you, have a talk about it.

@Lorreen I do that sometimes, I act like im enjoying it or in the mood but then I feel bad for lying but I want to make him happy xx it's just hard as he gets annoyed as im not in the mood. I get why but it does hurt 😞

@Lucy I figure sometimes he pretends to enjoy something or have a good time to make me happy on other occasions. It’s a balance. Don’t feel bad that you’re doing something “nice” for him.

@Lorreen I just dont want to do something I don't want too as I been through that in a pass relationship and atm I have pain and problems with my hips and don't want to hurt myself more .

@Lucy oh definitely don’t do something you genuinely cannot do or are pushing yourself too far. Just express that to him.

@Lorreen I have many times , sometimes he seems to understand then other times he doesn't, I get it as he has needs and all that xx

@Lucy amount of sex used to be a big deal for us. So bad, we needed therapy because my husband was about to leave me. We learned it wasn’t sex that was the issue but we had different love languages. Therapy really helped us.

@Lorreen might think about it xx

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