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I need help, please!

I’m having a child who is biracial, half white and half black. I need help on products for their skin, hair and any other necessities. And if there’s any advice out there I would love it please. I just want to be educated and want to do right by my child. I’m doing this on my own because the father wants nothing to do with this baby, I’ve been reaching out to hairstylist friends, but haven’t really heard back from them, so I thought I could come here and ask for help.
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After the first conditioner, he uses a leave in conditioner and runs the pump come through again just to make sure there are no tangles. And when he gets out, he lets it drip off a little bit and then add cream moisturize and minimize phrase, and then a gel to lock in the curls. In between wash day, if he feels like his hair is getting frizzy were sweaty from working out, he might use just water to rinse, and then add leave in conditioner, the cream and the gel. Or he has a really gentle wash he uses mid week that is specifically for people with his hair type who work out a lot. Also, we switch to silk pillowcases, and got him some satin bonnets to sleep in to minimize the frizz and allow him to go longer without wetting his hair, which takes a very very long time to dry. He used to favor the bonnets, but now he likes this pillowcases more and mainly just uses the bonnets on the couch. He even takes pillowcases when he travels now. He really likes Kin brand hoodies, and beanies.

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My partner is biracial, and his parents always kept his head shaved so he didn’t even know he had curly hair until the pandemic. He thought he just had frizzy hair as a grew out, and I was like no I think we need to get you different products. He is kind of a 3C/4a. So I expect you’ll have to do what we did which is just keep trying different products until you figure out what you like. But depending on how tight the curls or kinks, I don’t think that the method changes all that much. So you might want to research the steps. For instance, we discovered that the following routine works best for Charles. He has a full wash day once a week, which includes first using a co-wash, and what she uses a large tooth comb to de-tangle. Then if he feels like he needs a more intense wash because he’s been getting an itchy scalp, he’ll wash with a shampoo meant for his type of hair, then he conditions and combs his whole head through with a palm-comb…

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I’m in the exact same boat! I’m white but my hair is very curly , shea moisture is amazing ! I plan on using it for my biracial baby although I will of course change if it doesn’t work for her !

18 hours ago

I’m Black & PR and my black mom had issues with my hair because with biracial hair it’s more than curls. Porosity/texture is a huge factor. I’d highlyyyy recommend you looking up Christy Gior, she’s a white woman to 6 adoptive kids. She does amazing hairstyles on her black daughters hair, shows wash days/routines, products etc. I think visuals are better than just people listing things. She’s amazinggg.

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@Kay Thank you, it helps a lot!

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