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Does anyone know if the coombe offer some kinda taxi service? Neither me nor my partner drive so I’m a bit worried about how to get home after. We only live a 20 minute walk so 5/10 minute drive me I doubt I would be able to walk after giving birth and we would have our bags.
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You could order a taxi on bolt or free now. Also near the hospital there are a lot of taxis

I asked the lady at reception in the Rotunda to order me a taxi. She did it no problem. The taxi was there a few minutes later.

We don't have a car either. Usually I call a taxi myself to go to hospital appointments or get home from them. Plan to do the same after baby arrives unless we can reserve a Yuko or GoCar.

Do we need a car seat for our new born when taking him home from the hospital by taxi or do we just ... hold him?

@Trang Yes you'll need a car seat even for a taxi. We don't own a car but still had to purchase a car seat since the baby will need to be transported by car on occasion This has info on Taxis as well. It might depend on the driver you get.

Thanks very much Hannah 🥰

@Trang yes, definitely need a carseat, it's mandatory for everyone to be discharged from the hospital - you have to show them you have it.

I'm sure the person at reception can call you a cab. Free now app is quite reliable and fast. I like how when you order the cab you can message the driver too. Make sure you have baby car seat though for taxis x

I wood suggest using the FREENOW app also. You can also add a note to the driver you’ve been allocated too to say I have a car seat etc you can also choose a larger taxi too if they are available

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