4 days ago

Maternity Hospital Taxi Service

Does anyone know if the coombe offer some kinda taxi service? Neither me nor my partner drive so I’m a bit worried about how to get home after. We only live a 20 minute walk so 5/10 minute drive me I doubt I would be able to walk after giving birth and we would have our bags.
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7 hours ago

I'm sure the person at reception can call you a cab. Free now app is quite reliable and fast. I like how when you order the cab you can message the driver too. Make sure you have baby car seat though for taxis x

19 hours ago

@Trang yes, definitely need a carseat, it's mandatory for everyone to be discharged from the hospital - you have to show them you have it.

3 days ago

Thanks very much Hannah 🥰

3 days ago This has info on Taxis as well. It might depend on the driver you get.

3 days ago

@Trang Yes you'll need a car seat even for a taxi. We don't own a car but still had to purchase a car seat since the baby will need to be transported by car on occasion

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