21 hours ago

Vent out

I need to vent out.. Me and my husband do not talk much about our future planning. Most of his earnings goes out for mortgage, car installments , household expenses and sends remaining mostly to his family (brothers) abroad. I always considered family is the priority for him so never questioned why he does that. I did not have problem with that till now as I was always independent and saving my money for equity. My Lump sum money was invested for future or adding properties ( jointly of course). Also he is less emotional and I am very much. I feel the gap of touching , pampering and being able to talk about love but I was compromising this too as I felt he is good at other things like he never questioned on my any decisions or even my spendings using his card . With this pregnancy of 8 weeks , I started feeling differently. He was doing same thing this morning as before ( sending money to his brothers) and I told him why he did not tell me ? I feel like he is not caring me. I cried out loud and told this is not right. I miss the emotional supports. Some positive vibes needed to stay calm
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13 hours ago

Maybe ask him to have a chat about finances now that you are expecting. It’s an important chat so schedule it so you two will come prepared to have the conversation. State your needs, but also ask questions to understand his point of view. Strong relationships are about communication and compromises. Best of luck to you!!

20 hours ago

If you suddenly expect him to do something different. Like.. lower the amount of money that he sends or not sending anything at all, you need to communicate those expectations because from the posts it seems like you just expected him to be more caring and change and with men that is generally not the case.

21 hours ago

Hey I’m sorry ur going through this! U should definitely be put first an this is when u need the most emotional support from him. I do want to real with u boo. Just question urself if ur okay with dealing with what is in-front of u. He is showing you his true colors of the type of partner he is. You can never change someone an don’t wait for them to change. U could be waiting a life time to see the change come.

21 hours ago

Ohhh boy! I’m sorry you’re facing this. You need to come first. Always. This baby , if you are going to continue with this pregnancy needs to come first. If he can’t do that, if he can’t show you his behavior is changing… you have some decisions to make.

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