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Cows milk

My little boy turns one on the 30th March, I only have one tin of his formula left which will take us to around middle of next week. Would we then be able to start cows milk or is this too early? Our formula is a pain to find as it’s always out of stock so Cba traipsing round if I don’t need to?! FTM so not sure what’s best to do
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5 hours ago

My LO is 1 on the 31st. He only has formula once a day when as hes breastfed the rest of the time so I didn't want to buy a new tin as takes ages to get through it. I started mixing cows milk into his bedtime formula and slowing changing the ratio. By this Saturday he had just cows milk. He's been fine 😊 though refuses to take it from cup!

16 hours ago

@Katie birthday buddies 🤣

17 hours ago

That's what we did 😂 did the lunch time bottle one day so I had time to make formula if needed, then the morning and lunch one the next day to make sure it wasn't just a fluke then once those 2 were fine just switched all 3 😂 I just imagined her bed time bottle going wrong and then none of us sleeping 😂 generally that's true but as close as is fine :) we did it around 2 weeks early because I was about to run out of formula :) x

17 hours ago

@Bobbie Wilson that’s a fabulous idea actually! I could try the afternoon bottle for now and go from there! I just wasn’t sure as everything I’ve read says no cows milk to drink under 1

18 hours ago

We did a straight swap but my advice (you don't have to take it) is do it just before your formula runs out in case there's any problems, that way you've got a back up 😂

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