Tips to induce labour. Don’t wanna hear the “just wait” comments. TIA x
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A Swiss ball, I bounced and rolled my hips around on one for about 4 hours and labour came on pretty fast xx

I got induced twice and the first time didn’t even trigger labor for me 😂 they had to stick a foley ballon inside me to get me to start true labor. I hope you find something that really works

ngl i think i induced mine accidentally with taco bell and hot sauce. i had three soft tacos with two packs of hot sauce on each and then two hours later i felt contractions

I tried everything! Nothing worked, baby came 11 days late. I know it’s not what you want to hear but baby will come when they are ready, unless you go for a planned C-section.

Breast pumping and sex. Worked for me!

Curb walking, yoga ball- roll your hips back and forth on it as well and bouncing a little. I think it was sex that started my labour in the end though 😂

Im afraid I tried it all and nothing helped but SEX lol 😂 I wasn’t even feeling it but it was something I think did help hurry things along.

Staying active. Pineapple juice. Raspberry leaf tea

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