Do I tell my best friend that her boyfriend is proposing?

My best friend’s boyfriend is proposing to her and it’s a surprise. She knows that it’s coming but doesn’t know when or how. They are going on a trip and he asked me to take her to get her nails done. He gave me enough money for the both of us. Once he propose, do I tell her that he asked me and gave me the money to treat her or do I just leave it alone?
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Don't tell herrrrrrr! Just play along with it, even if she asks, play it off. Let him have this moment of trying to surprise her with this special time. Then tell her after👍🏽 If it were me, I'd be so upset of my friend told me😩 lol

@Chrissy I usually treat her to things or she’ll treat me but it’s usually activities or restaurants. We haven’t done nails in a very long time. The thing right now is that I’m not working so she paid behind my back so I transferred her the money when I found out. I told her she can treat next time given that I asked her to go do nails before she goes on her trip

@Emily well we usually treat each other to things all the time. Just not now because I’m on maternity leave and have no income for about 5 months now…

No that will ruin it! Trust me she’ll already know if you’re taking her to get her nails done if it’s not a regular thing.

Yeah I would tell her but wait a bit afterwards... I would want to know if my man did something extra special or out of the norm for him

@Justina I agree. Wait a bit. It will be a great conversation for the future to reminisce over ❤️

You can tell her after few weeks later or something so she knows he went above and beyond than expected.

I’d let it be a surprise ! Sounds like he’s setting it up right :-)

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