Traveling with nausea

We are due to travel in two weeks time. It’s over a four hour drive and I’m suffering with nausea. Does anyone have any tips for traveling? Unfortunately we can’t change the date of the trip and I am the only one able to drive.
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Talk to OB. If you believe in meds, ask for something as needed! I get very bad car sickness before pregnancy. I understand! If you like the more natural way, ginger + B6 drops are a lifesaver! But, always talk to OB/Midwife first!

I don’t know if this will help but sometimes being the driver is a good thing as it gives you something to focus on. I find I’m usually worse with car sickness (not pregnancy sickness as just found out!) when I’m the passenger. I hope you have a great trip and the sickness isn’t too bad!x

I’m worried about this as I’m travelling to Bristol for work this week on the train 6&half week. Debating pulling out but not sure as the nausea has kicked up significantly the last 2 days

I found being the driver helped me a lot! Whilst I still felt sick, the feeling wasn't as controlling as it was ordinarily.

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