We have our first sickness bug

Well we nearly made it 2 years without throwing up!!! He’s been sick twice today, generally happy in himself just wasnt eating much…..Then he threw up all over me and himself (happy Mother’s Day to me) He seems okay now, he’s had a biscuit about 45 mins ago and is having the odd sip of water - not as much as I’d like but I guess I don’t want him gulping it!! Should I even offer him his tea or just leave him now for today? He’s happily playing away but when I ask if he wants any tea he doesn’t seem bothered. Any tips?! Shall I get him in bed earlier too?
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It's good that he's kept the biscuit down, my understanding is that you should stick to plain foods for 24h from the last sickness episode: banana, plain rice, etc Acidic foods etc could upset his already upset tummy and might end up throwing up again.

We had the sickness bug a few weeks ago and it was horrendous so I feel for you!! I kept offering meals just more plain ones, if he doesn't eat much don't worry just try and keep getting fluids down him. We had to play games with water to get him to drink. He spent a lot of time in the bath with me pouring water into his mouth from a play watering can 🙈😂

Also I would let him sleep as much as he needs to

He’s been sipping water so I’m fairly happy with that I do just feel like he needs to sleep whatever this is off!

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